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It will contain all the best what you have in your feed. We are not interested to print mini-sizes. If to print poster - only the bigest one! Production time: 4 business days.

♦ Format 60 х 90 cm
♦ 70 or 140 photos
♦ Paper Poster Paper PRO
♦ Hook for hanging
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17 dollars
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About posters

We print it on a thick paper Poster Paper PRO, because we know it will keep the color brightness of the IG filters for long years. It will be so easy for you to view all photos - the poster is really huge!
Two layouts with 70 photos (each photo size 7,5x7,5 cm) and 140 photos (each photo size 5x5 cm).

Delivery (without terms of printing)

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Відповіді на часті запитання

Can I print a poster not from Instagram photo?
Photos can be downloaded from the computer, phone, Facebook, Instagram and even Google +
Is the attachment for the poster included in the kit?
So, to each posters we put the fixation.
How do you deliver the posters? They do not crumple?
Each poster is packed in a reliable tube to reach anywhere in the world unscathed.
Are there different posters at 70 and 140 photos?
No, they are the same - 90x60 cm.
What size photos in different posters?
The photo size in the poster for 140 photos is 3.5 cm, and in the poster for 70 photos - 7 cm.
You can print posters urgently?
Yes! The term of a regular poster printing is 4 working days, urgent - only 2!