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Acrylic Photo

The ideal alternative to conventional photo frames. High-quality printing on photo paper, covered with light, strong and shiny acrylic plate. As a gift you get a wooden stand. Production: 4 working days.

♦  Four formats 
♦ 4 мм acrylic plate  
♦ Photopaper Fuji Lustre
♦ Free wooden stand 
229 uah
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Acrylic Photo - Decorate your table with your favorite photos

What is desktop photoacrylic?  

Photoacryl is a photo which was printed on photo paper and covered with a thin layer of strong and transparent plastic. What is it for? In order to make the image voluminous, and make the colors of the photo bright and juicy.

In addition, we do it in order to save you from the pain of choosing the ideal framework for your favorite pictures. After all, desktop photoacrylic is an ideal alternative to boring traditional photo frames!  

What is the stand for photoacryl?  

Each copy of the photoacrylic is completed with a special stand, due to which it will reliably stand on any surface you want. We thought for a very long time about what it should be like, and choose a high quality сarpathian beech and a simple, but comfortable form!  

How to order a photo on acrylic?  

It's very, very simple! Choose your most favorite picture, choose the format (because we have as many as four formats for every taste!) and order online photoprinting on acrylic.

By the way, when choosing a photo, do not limit yourself - you can download photos for order not only from Instagram, but also from your phone, computer, Facebook and even Google+ accounts!   Well, when you receive the order, install it in a comfortable and stylish stand and choose a place that will suit it best. For example, a desk. Or a chest of drawers. Or a shelf with lovely little things. There are so many options! Are you ready? Then enjoy the new bright life of your favorite photo!  

Photoacryl is a universal gift 

Table photoacrylic is a great idea for a gift to those you love! And most importantly, it can be handed to any holiday. For example, as a gift for Valentine's Day or a New Year's gift. Or just to please a loved one for no reason!


  • 10x10 cm format - UAH 229
  • 10x15 cm format - UAH 269
  • 15x20 cm format - UAH 489
  • 20x20 cm format - UAH 549
  • Delivery

    Nova Poshta
    from 60 UAH
    1 to 3 days
    from 40 UAH
    2 to 5 days
    Ukraine + Worldwide
    Free delivery to department for orders over 1500 UAH


    Do I need a frame for a photo acrylic?
    No, he does not need a frame, or a protective glass
    How to fix it on the table?
    Just put it in the stand that comes with it
    Can I take a photo from Instagram?
    Yes. But you were advised to upload the original photo from a computer or phone
    Are the images processed before printing?
    No. We print the photos as they were uploaded
    I want to print photo acrylic from the photo from the phone!
    The photo quality and extension are different for different phones. Upload your photo to the editor. If the orange triangle is embossed, it is not suitable for printing. There is no triangle - we print
    Вы печатаете акрил срочно?
    Да! Срок обычной печати акрила - 4 рабочих дня, срочного - только 2