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Ready for a real masterpiece with wooden stretcher and a pleasant texture of a canvas. Printed out and carefully assembled in 4 working days.

♦  11 formats 
♦ No need for a frame  
♦ German canvas
♦ Mount included 
249 uah
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Photo printing on canvas

Printing photos on canvas - one of the most popular ways to immortalize an important moment of your life. Wedding, christening a child, a beautiful landscape, which you are lucky enough to see on vacation ... All these photos printed on canvas, automatically become masterpieces. Even a photo taken by your phone forgotten in the depths of its memory can find a second life, if you put it on canvas.

We make canvases by the method of gallery stretching. This is a method in which part of the image falls on the ends of the frame, and wrapped on a stretcher. This kind of printing does not require any additional work and your canvas is immediately ready to decorate the wall after delivery.

If you want to really enjoy the high-quality photo and large format, we do not recommend using photos from social networks such as Instagram. Such pictures are actually small in size and, despite the fact that they look pretty well on the screen, when printed they will likely be unclear and blurry. It is better to use original photos that are stored on your computer or phone. Our editor will inform you whether quality of photos is sufficient for a canvas print.

We divided formats into convenient groups, and also tried not to upset you with prices. Beauty must be accessible to everyone ...

20х30 - 11 $/ 10 € 20х20 - 9 $/ 8 € 20х60 - 20 $/ 17 €
30х40 - 17 $/ 14 € 30х30 - 14 $/ 13 € 30х90 - 33 $/ 29 €
40х50 - 25 $/ 22 € 50х50 - 28 $/ 24 €
40х60 - 27 $/ 24 €
50х70 - 36 $/ 32 €
60х80 - 44 $/ 38 €


Nova Poshta
from 60 UAH
1 to 3 days
from 40 UAH
2 to 5 days
Ukraine + Worldwide
Free delivery to department for orders over 1500 UAH


Do you need a frame for canvas?
No, canvases are made by the method of gallery stretching, in which the image is wrapped on the frame.
How can I hang the photopicture on the wall?
Each of the paintings has a convenient "crocodile" mount to quickly and securely hang it on any wall.
Is a photo from Instagram suitable for photos on canvas?
No unfortunately. It is better to upload the original photo from your computer or phone.
I do not know what format to choose ... How to decide?
In the editor for the order, we have provided this question. Try switching between different formats to see how they will look in the interior.
I upload a photo, but it shows a red exclamation mark. What does it mean?
This means that the photo quality is not enough for the selected format. Load the original photo or select another file.
I need a canvas faster than 4 days!
A picture on canvas can be printed faster - just 2 working days. Simply select "Urgent" when placing an order.