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Crystal Photo

Photocopying, covered with a durable and transparent 20 mm acrylic. It does not require a frame or stand and is easy to install on any surface. Production: 4 working days.

♦  Two formats 
♦ 20 mm acrylic plate  
♦ Photopaper Fuji Lustre
♦ 3D effect 
399 hryvnias
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Crystal Photo - Decorate your table with your favorite insta photo

Photocrystal - it is something really special! Having your photo, we will print it on high-quality photo paper to achieve the maximum quality of the final image. Then cover it with transparent acrylic of 20 mm thickness. For what?

In order that it has created real magic. Underneath the image will not simply surround and shiny - it also will appear double. Photocrystal will be a spectacular gift that will adorn any table. A two handy format perfect for any photo.

Besides, it does not require a stand or frame. Just order a photocrystal and enjoy the magical transformation of your photos.

  • Size 10x10 - 15 $
  • Size 10х15 - 20 $


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Can you make a photocrystal in less than 4 working days?
Yes, we can make a photocrystal in 2 working days. The surcharge for the urgency is 30% of the order value.
Will the photo taken on the phone be suitable for printing a photocrystal ?
The photo quality and extension are different for different phones. Upload your photo to the editor. If the orange triangle is embossed, it is not suitable for printing. There is no triangle - we print.
Do you correct the photo before printing?
No. We print photos as they were uploaded
Photocrystal need a stand?
Is not needed. He stands firmly on the surface of its 20 mm side.
Can you make a photocrystal of a different size?
Unfortunately no. We have only 2 standard sizes. Customization is not provided.
Can I print on a crystal photo from my Instagram profile?
Of course! In the editor, click on the Instagram icon, log in and upload a photo. Next, select the photo you want to print.