Instabook with your best photos. Real photo print and hard cover. Minimum design - maximum impressions. Order now and get it in 7 business days.
✔︎ 15 x 15 cm
✔︎ 12 to 720 photos
✔︎ Fuji Lustre photo paper
✔︎ 24 to 80 pages
579.00 ₴ / pcs


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What could be better than your photos? They, but printed on real photo paper! You can create an instabook from your photos and combine them into a beautiful story.


A hardcover with your photo and username from Instagram or any other text. Seven design options for your personalized instabook.


Nice texture in different colors made of high-quality faux leather. We will decorate it with your laser-engraved login and photo in a special box.


Choose how many photos you want on the spread. Combine options to highlight important shots or create a series dedicated to a particular event.


Nova Poshta
from 60 UAH
1 to 3 days
from 40 UAH
2 to 5 days
Ukraine + Worldwide
Free delivery to department for orders over 1500 UAH


Can I upload photos directly from Instagram to your Online Editor?
Unfortunately, not anymore. Due to a change in Meta's privacy policy. But you can download photos from Instagram through third-party services or bots, and only then upload the ready files to the editor to create an Instabook.
I want to give my friend a gift. Can I take a photo from her Instagram?
Directly - no. You can use third-party resources to save photos from Instagram, and then upload them to the editor.
How many photos can I add to an Instabook?
From 12 to 720 photos :) You can place from 1 to 9 photos on one page. And there can be from 24 to 80 pages.
What is the difference between an Instabook and a photo book?
Instabook is only 15x15 cm, easy to create, has a concise design, edited for insta photos, only classic photo printing. Photobooks have a cool editor, many options and formats and ready-made design templates.
I added a page/chose a faux leather cover and the price went up.
The price of the book is presented for the basic 24 pages and a photo cover. Accordingly, the price increases when adding pages to other options.
I want an Instabook, bigger than 6x6". And I want the lettering to go with it. And an embossed cover!
Then you need a photo book! There, the space for your imagination is not limited!