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We print your photos on high quality white paper Xerox Colotech. For feeling your card more tighter and protected we cover both sides with matte lamination. Production time - 4 business days.

♦ Format 9 х 9 cm
♦ Format 9 х 11 cm (Polaroid)
♦ Paper Xerox 300 gsm
♦ Set 24 pic.
65 hryvnias
129 hryvnias
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Polaroid features


We really care about your memories with all our responsibility. That’s why we print on whitest paper Xerox Colotech 300 gsm digital printing method and protect with lamination both sides of prints.


We suppose you want to see these beauties non-stop and will be perfect to situate it on a good view place. That’s why we’ve made special woody-holder for you. You can easily put up to 7 photos there, switch and enjoy every moment.

By the way our woody-holder made of real Carpathian beech. We were gathering it for a long time, breaking our feet in the woods. So if you wish to receive this work of art hurry up - there are not so much in our stock.

Delivery (without terms of printing)

Nova Poshta
from 45 ₴
1 to 3 days
More than 6000 branches
Nova Poshta (in hand)
from 75 ₴
1 to 3 days
28 000 locality
Pick up yourself
59, av. V. Chornovola, L`viv, Ukraine
Free delivery todepartment the order over 1000 UAH


I want to order polaroids on a gift. Do you have any special packaging on this case?
We have something better! Stylish and convenient gift box for photos.
Are your polaroids matte or glossy?
We cover each photo with a double-sided glossy lamination. So they not only look brighter, but also are not afraid of accidentally spilled coffee on them.
Can I order a polaroids from another Instagram profile?
Savaasbot in Telegram will help with this. You send him a link to the post, he gives pictures of it. Download photos for the gadget. From the gadget, upload to the editor.
Is the image size the same in polaroids 9x9 and 9 * 11 cm?
Yes, the same. The difference is only in the size of the fields.
What if I only need 3 (5, 10 ...) photos?
We print Polaroid sets of 24 pieces. Of course, you can upload a smaller amount, but this does not affect the price.
Do you process photos before you print them?
No, we print the pictures exactly as you upload them.