11 August 2016


On whom to subscribe on Instagram

Recently Instagram became a great social network, where many talented photographers, artists and other creative people can find fans of their work. Moreover, many people use instagram, as a source of inspiration to find new ideas and fresh perspectives.
We offer you a selection of wonderful users, whose work may surprise you, or encourage to create something beautiful.
So, meet:
Ioana - architect from Romania. She is engaged in the creation of images from different improvised materials. Recently, she uses mostly chocolate, and puts the picture in a spoon.
If you like to take pictures of food or sweets with coffee - this author is for you. Olaf takes pictures of food. But not just the type "the world must know what I eat", he makes all sorts of funny faces. Sometimes, he also photographs the things that surround him.
Here is a creative designer from Manchester. In his account, you will find stunning paintings, photos, bright designs and strange objects
Meet the artist from Sydney. Her photographs are mainly composed of bright and conceptual things that she creates with her own hands. By the way, the actual hands and manipulations with them is also reflected in her pictures.
Instagrammer from South Africa. His photographs reflect a little dream world, where the main subject is his iPhone and what he does with it. Very cute, though!
Eda - graphic artist from Turkey. Her paintings - an unusual look at quite ordinary and familiar to us things. Moreover, she has also created an application that plays all kinds of music, depending on her mood.
Who doesn't like ice cream? We think there are not a lot of those. Our next photographer makes great things from ice cream and puts pictures of his masterpieces on Instagram.
Confectioner from Paris is not only skillful with chocolate and other desserts, but also creates cute crafts. In addition, he has a huge collection of shoes. See for yourself!
Jacqueline from Canada, probably never wash dishes, because she draws on them. Yes, it is unusual canvas that the artist uses.
And finally, the sweetest Insta-blogger. Self-taught illustrator from Switzerland posts on his Instagram his amazing drawings. You have to see them!

We hope you enjoy our selection. Leave your comments on Insta-bloggers who are the source of your inspiration. We are glad to see them!

Photo: @anastasiyazuzya