подарункова коробка дерево акрил

Box for photo book

A beautiful gift box for a photo book. Stylish and ecological. It has a transparent cover and a tab for convenient removal of the photo book. We will produce in 5 days.

✔︎ Natural wood
✔︎ Two formats
✔︎ Acrylic slider cover
✔︎ Ecological and safe
23 × 23
  • 23 × 23
  • 30 × 30
929.00 ₴ / pcs


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Wooden gift box for photo book

We make these boxes for real connoisseurs of beauty and "luharis". There is nothing more reliable and durable to save your most important photo memories.

Wooden boxes for photo books are made of natural linden massif, painted with ecological German paint that preserves the texture of the wood. The sophisticated brown color will match any photobook and cover, and the transparent slider cover will reliably protect the contents.

The box can be used as a frame for displaying a photo book and at the same time it will be a stylish addition to any interior. Produced exclusively for photo books with Lay Flat binding for 23x23 and 30x30 formats


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