A set of photo magnets with your favorite photos is exactly what your refrigerator dreams of! We will make silk photo magnets on vinyl in 4 business days
✔︎ Set of 15 pcs
✔︎ Three formats
✔︎ Fuji Silk Photo Paper
✔︎ Flexible vinyl base
13.27 ₴ / pcs


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All you need to know about our magnets is that they are gorgeous and flexible; there are 15 of them in a set, and they are printed on the best professional Fuji Silk photo paper that will add to your photos an exquisite and glossy look. Oh, and they cost pennies...



Nova Poshta
from 60 UAH
1 to 3 days
from 40 UAH
2 to 5 days
Ukraine + Worldwide
Free delivery to department for orders over 1500 UAH


Can I print magnets with photos from my phone?
You can print photo from your computer or phone.
Can I crop the photo on the magnet?
No problem! In the editor, you can crop the photo the way you need it.
Are your magnets solid or flexible?
We print magnets on high quality vinyl so they are flexible and durable.
I need one magnet, not 15 pcs
We print magnets in sets of 15 pieces. Usually, you can order only 1, but the cost of it will not change.
How fast are magnets printed?
Term of printing magnets - 4 business days. Urgent printing takes 2 business days.
Can I order magnets using someone else's Instagram photos?
SaveAsBot in Telegram will help with this. You send it a link of the Instagram post, it gives you the pictures of it. Download photos on your gadget then upload them to the editor.