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✔︎ Digital printing
✔︎ Matte & glossy lamination
✔︎ With or without a white frame
✔︎ 4 formats
4.00 ₴ / pcs


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Photo printing for only UAH 4/photo

We are used to classic photo printing. Entire generations have grown up on the photochemical process. Ours and my grandmother's albums contain a lot of photos that, although they were taken at different times, have one thing in common - printing technology. It has, of course, changed over the course of more than 100 years, but the general principles have remained unchanged - developer, fixative, fixative. Very chemically and very... not eco-friendly.

Since the advent of digital photo printing, all manufacturers of such printing equipment have tried to get as close as possible to the quality of classic photography. However, due to completely different methods of image formation (in the digital method, these are dots called polygraphic raster), this process was difficult and time-consuming. And finally there was a breakthrough. Thanks to the new image processing algorithms, in combination with the latest papers, which seem to "shred" the polygraphic raster into smaller dots, it was possible to achieve the most bright and smooth transfer of the image, even in details. Satin gives digital photos a matte texture that is as close as possible to classic photos.

In addition, an important advantage of such photos is their price, environmental friendliness, and water resistance. Of course, they will not withstand the test in the washing machine, but they will overcome accidentally spilled juice. Just wipe with a napkin.

By the way, we have wonderful gift boxes made of natural wood for these photos.


Minimum photo order: 120 UAH.