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This is a book with your favorite photos printed on a professional photopaper with the hard binding.
What is the size of the photobook?
Photobook format 15 х 15 сm or 5.91 х 5.91 inch.
How many pages can my photobook have?
A basic book includes 24 pages. You can fill up to 80 pages.
How many photos can my photobook have?
You can fill the spreads starting with 24 and up to 720 photos.
What kind of paper do you print photobook on?
Our photobooks are printed on photopaper Fuji Lustre With the help of Noritsu machine. This is the best and "old-school" way to print low resolution photos (as for example Instagram has) with the maximum color and quality.
How you choose the photos for a book?
We have no idea which photos for you are the most favorite. That’s why we decided to give that mission for you:) Just click on the “create photobook” button and fill the pages with your photos.
Can I change or delete the name "My Photo Book" on the cover?
Well, at the moment you can't edit or delete the text on the cover (except the login name). However there are a lot of ways to personalize your cover, for example, to add the photo with your assign on the cover. There are a lot off apps for iOS (Over, FontCandy, Studio, Phonto), as well as for the Android ( Phonto, Aviary Photo Editor), which can help to add the text to your photo. Just choose the photo you need and upload it to the app, create the text and post to your Instagram. After this you can use this photo as one of the the cover photo in your photobook.
How to change the name on the cover?
To change author click on your login on the cover. After this a field will open that you can fill with any text you want. Check please the name on the cover before confirmation of order because after that you won't have the possibility to change it.
Це надрукована на фотопапері книга з твоїми фото або фотографіями твоїх друзів. У неї тверда обкладинка і багато варіантів оформлення.
Який розмір інстабука?
Формат інстабука 15 х 15 см або 5.91 х 5.91 дюйма.
Скільки в ньому сторінок?
В базовій книзі 24 сторінки. В самій «товстій» може бути 80 сторінок.
Скільки фото міститись в інстабук?
На розвороти можна розмістити від 24 до 720 фоток.
А на чому надруковані сторінки?
Сторінки надруковані на фотопапері Fuji Lustre. Це справжній, «олдскульний» фотохімічний спосіб, який максимально «витягує» не дуже якісні фото, які віддає інстаграм.
Як ви підбираєте фото для інстабука?
Ми не знаємо, які твої фото найбільш цінні, тому муки вибору перекладаємо на тебе. Просто натисни «Замовити» та розклади фото по сторінкам самостійно. Це, до речі, дуже цікаве заняття.
Чи можна змінити текст “My PhotoBook” на обкладинці?
На даний момент можливості редагувати текст (окрім заміни логіну автора книги) на обкладинках немає. Однак, існує простий спосіб персоніфікувати свою обкладинку, додавши в одне з віконець на обкладинці фото з нанесеним текстом і розміщеним в Іnstagram. Зараз існує багато додатків як для iOS (Over, FontCandy, Studio, Phonto), так і для Android ( Phonto, Aviary Photo Editor), які дозволяють наносити тексти на фотографії. Просто обери необхідне фото, завантаж його в необхідний додаток, створи надпис і після цього розмісти його в Instagram. Після цього ти зможеш використовувати це фото, як елемент обкладинки.
Як змінити автора на обкладинці?
Для зміни автора натисни на логін. Після цьгого відкриється поле, в яке ти зможеш вписати будь-який потрібний тобі текст. Перед оформленням замовлення переглянь обкладинку і переконайся, що на ній вказано правильний логін.
Our photos we print on a real Fuji photo paper using a professional mini-lab Noritsu.
What format do the photos have?
We print photos in two kind of formats: 9x9 cm and in a popular Polaroid size 9x11 cm.

How many pcs includes one set?
A set includes 24 pcs, but you can order 2,3,4 and even more sets.
I need only 10 photos. How to order?
Minimum set has 24 photos, so it's better to place copies or complete the set with another photos because the price will be for the whole set anyway.
How many photos I can place to WoodyHolder?
It can comfortly accomodate up to 24 photos.
If I order two sets of photos you will give me two WoodyHolders?
Within one order (independently of the quantity of photos) we give one WoodyHolder. But you can make 2,3 or more orders and in that case we will give holder in each package.
A set of 15 magnets with flexible base 1 mm.
What kind of paper do you print magnets on?
Our magnets are printed on Fuji Silk photopaper.

How many magnets are in each set?
Each set includes 15 magnets, but you can order more then 1 set.
Are they flexible?
Yes, each magnet has a flexible vinyl base.
What is the produсtion time?
Will be done in 4 business days.
12 month 10 x 15 cm with a stylish wood block made of natural beech.
What kind of paper do you print calendar on?
We print calendars on Xerox Colotech Paper 300 gsm and cover both sides with protection matte lamination.

It will begin from January?
You can start yuor calendar from any month, even with July;)
What is the produсtion time?
4 business days.
Additional questions
Questions about the service.
Can I upload photos from my computer?
Yes, you can! Just choose the option "load from computer" in the editor.

I want to delete some photos from my Instagram. Can I do this if I used this photos in a book?
After you receive the confirmation email with your order number you can delete the photos you used from your IG profile.
I've placed the order 7 days ago. Why you still didn't send it?
Pay atttention, the production time of the photoboos is 7 business days. Saturday, Sunday and some holidays we don't work, so you need to count only business days.
What is the production time for all the rest?
Count 4 business days since you've placed the order.
Do you ship worldwide?
Ahh yes, we do:)
How much is shipping to USA, Europe etc.?
The cost of shipping to any country, for example, one photobook - $ 20. You will need to pay an additional $ 10 for each subsequent photobook When ordering various items, such as magnets and a calendar, you pay $ 20 for each item.
How long is the shipping to USA?
Usually it takes from 1 to 2 weeks.
My friend has a B-day! Can you print faster then 7 business days?
Yep, all you need is to choose “express order” on checkout page (available only for books with printed covers, not leatherette). You’ll need to pay for our speed 30% more and we will make your photobook in 4 business days:) But don't forget about 21 days for shipping. And what's important: you need to place the order until 2 p.m. and it will go in production in the same day.
I have the promocode. How can I apply it?
The promo code field is located below the shipping options on the checkout page. Make sure that you copied your promocode right. Put the promocode into the field and press “next”. If you copied it right you will see the price with the discount.
Where can I find the promocode?
Follow us on Instagram (, VK, Facebook or Twitter and look for the discount offers we post in our social pages. Also subscribe to our news and we will send the best offers by email.
The “cart” button isn’t active. What's the problem?
Check if you filled all the spreads - maybe you missed some photo to put. It’s easy to chech whether all spreads have the green check mark. If some spread is free of this green check mark it means you missed the cell to load the photo. The basic order book must have 12 spreads (24 pages), when you fill all cells the “cart” button becomes active. For another products check if all cells are filled also.