Live Photo
Add videos to your photo books and view them directly on the pages
Unique Augmented Reality (AR) technology is now available to you
Live photos change the notion of conventional memories preservation. Now, every moment important for you will come alive right on the pages, bringing back your life's most precious moments.
How it works
1. Create a photo book in an online editor

Use any template to upload videos along with photos.

2. Install the Memobook app

This is the main tool for creating Magic. It is available on Google Play and AppStore

3. Scan the
QR code

When you get the album, find the code in it, scan it in the app, and wait for the files to upnload.

4. Bring the camera to the photo

After uploading, bring your smartphone camera to the videos posted in the book and watch them coming to life.

5. Show your friends

Once you are satisfied with it, show this magic to your friends and watch their reactions ;)

Want to try it?
Download the free Memobook app from your store
Scan this QR code in the app
if you are visiting this page from a smartphone, use another smartphone or computer to do so
Bring the camera app to the photo ↴
What's the price?
up to 30 seconds long
35.00 ₴
Create a photo book
One-off fee for permanent file placement and saving
How do I make a photo book with
Live Photos?
we've designed a simple interface for you
Upload the video to the editor

Upload the videos you are going to use in the book. Drag and drop them onto the page layout just as you would drag and drop a photo.

Select a segment you want to play back

Position the video to highlight a segment for playback. Trim the timing, if required. The duration should not exceed 30 seconds.

Specify a photo for the video cover

Select a still image of the video to be printed instead of the photo. Playback will start from it.

Will it work in a year?
It will. The MemoBook viewer application is updated regularly and maintained
On which smartphones does the app work?
The application works on smartphones with iOS 9+ and Android 6+
How long will the video be stored?
There is no storage time limit. All media files are stored in the AMAZON cloud storage for added security, and there is also a backup storage for complete peace of mind
Can I print the stories?
Please, feel free to do so.
I want to make a canvas with a Live Photo
We are working at such an option.
Why does the video play for 30 seconds only?
During playback, there are no buttons to manage it (stop, pause, etc.), so if you insert a 15-minute video, every time you move the camera it will start playing again, which is not very convenient. Besides, long videos are too large.
Do you charge 35.00 ₴ per video?
Yes, this is a one-off fee for saving and continuous maintaining of one video up to 30 seconds long.
I have a poor-quality video; will it work?
Theoretically yes, but since the "video cover" is a still frame from it, that is physically printed in the album, the quality of this printed image may be blurred. The editor will warn you about the poor quality of the still image you chose to print.

Also, you can use any other photo for the video cover by simply dragging it to the same cell as the video, and we will take care of the smooth transition between photo and video.
Do you still print simple photo books (without live photos)?
Definitely, we do. Live photos are just an extra option for our photo books. However, if you don't upload a video, you won't have "live photos" :)
My app doesn't work.
There are some options here...

If you already have pre-uploaded projects, maybe you are trying to scan a new code in an open previous project? Open library 🗁, press "+" and go to scan code mode for a new project. Note that there are apps with similar names in the stores, but they don't work with our augmented reality. Perhaps you installed the wrong one? You can find Memobook for Android here, amnd for iOs here

If this does not help, please, contact our support service via live chat on the website and describe your issue, indicating:

1. The brand and model of your smartphone
2. The operating system version
3. What exactly is not working – is the app not launching, does the code scanning fail, or are the videos not playing?
4. Order number
5. It would be great if you a video of the screen contents.

I lost my phone. How do I recover my projects?
On the new phone, reinstall the app from your store, scan the QR code printed on your photo product again, and wait for the files to download.
Video does not play through the end. It keeps returning to the beginning
This is due to a bad choice of a frame for the video cover. It is the "marker" by which the application recognizes which video from your project should be played. We do not recommend using images with a lot of uniform background and few contrasting elements for such frames. The more diverse elements are there on the frame, the better. Further, we advise you to avoid using similar frames in one book, as, despite the fact that the app is smart, it may accidentally mix them up and play a wrong video.
What are the requirements for the videos posted in the live album?
We only accept mp4, mov, and m4v videos up to 700 MB large
Download App
Memobook is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.
Memories coming alive