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This is a unique photo album with your photos and videos. Plenty of ready-made templates for all occasions, and a huge choice of formats, papers, and cover design options. Order and get it in 4 business days
✔︎ Augmented reality
✔︎ Unique designs
✔︎ Many covers
✔︎ 24 to 96 pages
289 uah
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Live photos

Our photo books use a unique Augmented Reality technology
You can add not only photos but also short videos and view them directly on the pages with the
free MemoBook app.

Baby's first steps, weddings, travel videos – from now on everything is stored in a book safely
and you will enjoy pleasant memories even without the Internet.
Learn more about Augmented Reality


Choose a format depending on the subject matter and spread of most of the photos you are going to use. A square format is more versatile, as both vertical and horizontal photos will look good in it. Square formats are perfect for wedding albums. A portrait photo book will work well if most of your photos have a vertical spread. Class books are also usually made in portrait formats. Horizontal photos and panoramas will look good in the album format.


20x30 см


30x30 см
23x23 см
20x20 см
19x19 см


30x20 см
29x19 см

Binding type


Photobook pages are sewn into a block and glued to the cover like a magazine

Lay flat

Pages are glued back to back, so the book opens 180° without a seam.



A paper with a density of 170 g / m 2 is used for the digital printing method

Coated Premium

Paper density of 170 g / m2 is used for digital printing and has a greater percentage of whiteness and lighter.

Fuji Photo Paper

Paper for classic photo printing, provides the most accurate and bright color rendering

Page Options


Digitally printed pages can be laminated, this will additionally protect them and give saturation colors.

Cardboard interlayer

For bindings with the lay flat block, you can order an additional layer of cardboard between the pages that will make the pages more dense.

Plastic interlayer

Performs the same functions as cardboard, but unlike it, it is more resistant to changes in humidity and temperature.


Photo Cover

Basic hardcover, matt SoftTouch laminated. Optionally, it can be glossy.


Hardcover made of Italian faux leather keeping your photo book safe for decades. Pleasant to the touch and impressive in appearance.


Hardcover in Dutch fabric. Textured, low-key linen or bright and shiny luxe colors.


Hardcover with a soft and luxurious velour cover. Unforgettable tactile experience

Cover options

Acrylic Photo Window

Printed on photo paper, a perfect match to the cover of your photo book


Blind embossing type will add exclusivity to the photo book

Variety of Colors

Over 30 colors of faux leather and textiles from classic and low-key to bright and bold


Nova Poshta
from 60 UAH
1 to 3 days
from 40 UAH
2 to 5 days
Ukraine + Worldwide
Free delivery to department for orders over 1500 UAH


How many photos can be placed in a photobook?
A typical template accommodates 40 to 50 photos, but you can always place more by changing the size of the existing frameworks or ordering additional pages.
Is it possible to edit the template?
Yes, you can edit the template, resize photos, delete and add pictures for decoration, backgrounds, create your own combinations. But notice that these functions are not available in the smartphone.
I want to create a book myself without your templates
No problem! In the template list, select "create a photo book from a clean sheet".
How to order?
Choose a ready-made template, or the option to "create from a blank sheet", choose how your book looks like and how to print it, place your photos on pages, and order delivery.
How to choose the color of the cover from eco-leather or textiles?
The color and material of the cover, as well as all its additional options, you can choose directly in the editor, when you will place a photo on the pages.
Is it a long time to create a photobook?
If you use ready-made templates, then you do not, but you can always save the unfinished book in the draft and continue later.