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Constitution Day of Ukraine discount

27 June 2022

Congratulations on the Constitution Day of Ukraine!

Today, public holidays are felt in a special way. And while there are defaults, we will continue to develop our economy and donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

So, catch a nice promotion:

  • -30% on all products
  • • validity period from 28.06 to 04.07.2022 inclusive
  • deliver worldwide (civilized)

Together to victory!

Action for Father's Day

09 June 2022

Soon our favorite dads have a holiday. Therefore, as you requested, we are launching a campaign for Father's Day!

  • 30% off photobooks and instabooks
  • • from 8 to 14 June 2022 inclusive
  • • The promotion is valid without a promo code
  • • Photobook production time up to 7 working days
  • You can also create other unique gifts in our store .

    Prepare gifts for your best men in advance❤️

    Action dedicated to Children's Day

    31 May 2022

    Congratulations on Children's Day!

    Our children are the most precious treasure we have.

    And we offer a discount on photobooks + calendars :

  • 25% discount on photobooks + calendars
  • • when ordering a single check
  • • valid from 1.06.22 to 7.06.22 inclusive
  • That is, add a photo book to the cart, then add any calendar. And we have 3 formats - on a table with a wooden stand, a house and a large one on the wall. When both items are in the cart (or more) - 25% discount is automatically calculated.

    Have a nice and safe summer. Take care of yourself and your children❤️

    Happy Birthday Gramofon!

    10 May 2022

    Just don't ask where we've been for 8 years))

    We were here with you and kept your most precious memories.

    We usually celebrate a birthday in April. But you know, this year everything is difficult. However, we decided not to deviate from our traditions. So we will celebrate with you.

    What have we prepared?

  • • two weeks holiday 35% discount on all products Gramofon from May 10 to 23 inclusive
  • • we continue promotion for 5 free videos for "live photos" in each photo book, following at the standard price of UAH 35 / video
  • • Giveaways in our Instagram account
  • And the best greeting for us is your order!

    Together to victory! With care, your team

    Action before Mother's Day 2022

    22 April 2022

    Happy Easter!

    On May 8 we will celebrate International Mother's Day . We remind you in advance so that you have time to prepare gifts for your beloved mothers. And we give a 20% discount on all products from April 23 to 30, 2022 . There is still a promotion on free "live photos" in each photo book.

    Production time is now up to 7 business days . We deliver by Nova and Ukrposhta across Ukraine, terms and availability of branches depend on carriers. We also deliver to other civilized countries!

    Keep the most valuable - your warm memories!

    Happy holidays! Everything will be Ukraine!

    25% discount on photobooks and instabooks

    06 April 2022

    Hello, friends!

    Thank you for your stories, feedback, kind words and orders. We are happy to give you joy and make you smile at this time!

    And we want to make one more thing for you - 25% discount on photobooks and instabooks . The promotion is valid automatically, without a promo code, until April 19, 2022 inclusive .

    And don't forget about 5 free augmented reality videos (live photos) in each photo book! Each subsequent video costs UAH 35.

    We ship worldwide.

    Stand with Ukraine!

    Free Live Photos

    24 March 2022

    We canceled payment for "live photos" . In any photo book, your photos can be turned into video using a smartphone with our augmented reality app.

    You can add 5 free videos up to 30 seconds in one photobook. Each subsequent one - UAH 35 . We don't know how long this promotion will be. But we can assure you that AR-videos in all Gramofon photo books taken during and outside the promotion will work indefinitely .

    And if the concept of "live photos", or their preparation is difficult for you - write to our management on the site and on social networks. We will help you get photo books like in "Harry Potter".

    Velor cover of photo books

    18 March 2022

    You asked - we did!

    You can already order from us velor-covered photo books.

    Available colors:

    • malachite

    • lagoon

    • flint

    • diamond

    • lotus

    • terracotta

    • Weinbury

    We tried to bring the colors and textures in the editor as close as possible to reality. But in real life they are even more charming.

    The price depends on the size of the book and is calculated automatically on the site when you select the desired options.

    Glory to Ukraine! #madeinukraine

    30% discount until the end of March 2022

    14 March 2022

    Hello, our dear friends!

    We have already fully resumed our work. The order is available all products with all possible modifications.

    And we want to give you a discount on all our products:

    -30% on everything , without a promo code, prices on the site are already listed

    ● the promotion is valid from today and until March 31 inclusive (so far, because we can not plan for the longer term, you know)

    ● terms of production of all products 7 working days

    ● delivery works properly both in Ukraine and abroad, self-pickup in Lviv from 10 am to 3 pm on weekdays

    You may think that photo books, Polaroids or magnets are out of date. But we have 3 main incentives to work:

    1) at least we want to continue to pay salaries to our employees so that no one is left without a livelihood during this difficult time

    2) we want to continue to pay taxes to support the economy and the state

    3) We donate 5% of each order to the Return Alive Army Support Fund

    And another incentive is your feedback! We are happy that our products help you and your children to be distracted, immersed in pleasant memories, have fun with "live photos". May it all give you the strength to believe in our victory and make plans for the future!

    Glory to Ukraine!


    We support the Ukrainian army!

    24 February 2022

    In this difficult time for Ukraine, we, the team, want to contribute to the defense of our country.

    From February 2022, we will transfer 5% of each order to the Return to Alive Army Relief Fund . Not only today, but on a regular basis!

    We do not change the prices for our products and work normally. Because so far our military is protecting us. The only thing we can do is keep calm and support our economy.

    Let's hold on! Everything will be Ukraine!

    21 February 2022

    Discount on canvases on Valentine's Day❤️

    08 February 2022

    Congratulations, our dear turntables, on Valentine's Day❤️

    And as a holiday gift, we are announcing a promotion on Photo paintings on canvas :

    • Discount 25%

    February 14-16 inclusive, until 23:59

    • promo code LOVE25

    We wish you sincere and eternal love! At least to yourself❤️

    31 January 2022

    Sale of albums for babies

    20 January 2022

    We announce the sale of albums "Hello, baby boy" and "Hello , baby girl" with 50% discount until January 24, 2022 inclusive , or until stocks last.

    We are selling off album remnants due to the closure of this product.

    Recall album settings:

    Format: 23x23

    40 pages

    Cover: hard laminated

    Paper: coated, 200 g / m

    Under the photo: 10x15 and 9x9

    Language: Ukrainian or Russian

    17 January 2022

    13 January 2022

    05 January 2022

    21 December 2021

    20 December 2021

    Black Friday on the Gramophone 2021

    12 November 2021

    Terms and conditions of the action "Black Friday 2021"

    1. Date 00:01 26.11.2021 - 23:59 28.11.2021.

    2. The discount is announced on 26.11.2020 at 00:01 on the website and in our social networks.

    3. List of promotional products: Photobook , Instagram , Фотодрук , Полароїди , Магнети , Горнятко , Calendar , Canvas , Acrylic painting < / a>, Фотоакрил , Фотокристал , Фотоальбом < a href = ""> "Hello baby" , "Hello baby" . < / p>

    4. The terms of the promotion do not apply to gift certificates and the service "Live photos" .

    5. Services "Urgent production" , "Free delivery" by Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta during the promotion do not work .

    6. Orders placed after 24:00 on 28.11.2021 will not be listed at the promotional price (even if you are "a minute late" or "your site is hanging").

    7. The deadline for making promotional orders will be 23 business days from the end of the promotion, so the deadline may be December 29, 2021. This does not preclude earlier production, but we advise you to be patient and count on the maximum period.

    8. You can track the status of the order in the personal account or through the function "What about my order?" on the main page of the site . The frequency of calls and requests to support will not speed up their production in any way.

    9. Products placed in one order (basket) are automatically combined to be sent at the same time to save your money on delivery, but keep in mind that different products have different production times, so photos or magnets will "wait" for the production of your photobook.

    10. If you have several orders (possibly made on different days of the promotion) and one of them already has at least one manufactured product (this can happen because we will work on the weekends) - you can not combine them. Accordingly, they will be sent separately according to your orders. Yes, you pay twice for shipping.

    11. The minimum sets will be increased during the promotion.

    Photo printing

  • 10x15 - 96 pcs
  • 15x21 - 24 pcs
  • 20x30 - 12 pcs
  • 30x40 - 4 pcs
  • 30x60 - 4 pcs
  • Polaroids

  • 9x9 - 96 pcs
  • 9x11 - 96 pcs
  • Magnets

  • 5x5 - 30 pcs
  • 7x9 - 30 pcs
  • 9x9 - 30 pcs
  • 12. Delivery is carried out exclusively by carriers Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta .

    14. You can get your order at the self-pickup point in Lviv at 59 Chornovil Avenue .

    14. During the campaign, support will work on an extended schedule:

  • Friday 26 November 9:00 - 23:00
  • Saturday 27 November 9:00 - 19:00
  • Sunday 28 November 9:00 - 23:00

    Do everything before the promotion - avoid stress during the promotion

    Prepare an order in advance and form a "Cart", but do not make a delivery, and wait for the official start of the campaign. It is important - it is the Cart, not the Draft, because with the start of the campaign, due to heavy loads, there may be delays and interruptions in the system. The formed basket will allow you to avoid these annoyances. Prices in pre-designed baskets will change automatically with the start of the promotion. You just need to refresh the browser page.

    Fewer files = more orders

    Select and pre-sort the photos you plan to print or use in the photobook. Uploading all photos from a photo shoot or phone to the site, planning to sort them in the process of layout of the book - a very bad idea, because the download time of a large volume of files during the promotional load significantly increases and can take hours.

    The best way to "fly" with a promotion is to remember it two hours before it ends.

    Don't postpone orders for the last hours of the promotion. In the last hours there will be a "legion" and not everyone will come to the finish :) Just believe me, we are champions of Black Fridays and despite the annual increase in technical capacity of the site, it does not save the situation when five minutes before the end, tens of thousands of "latecomers" are trying to create a photo book or upload photos, and the message "your site is visiting, deception and timid action" we have immunity formed by seven doses of Black Friday :)

    Gramophone employs living people and sometimes, "something can go wrong", but we fix everything

    Due to the large number of orders, please understand the possible errors in their production or shipping. Therefore, if suddenly someone else's magnets come to you, or orders come in two different parcels - do not scold us too much, and before your fingers reach out to fill an outrageous story about a bad turntable, just let us know about this annoyance and we will fix everything as soon as possible. We are always able to solve an operational problem through our fault.

    Are you preparing gifts for Nicholas? Think of a backup plan

    The stated deadline for making promotional orders is 23 working days (not calendar days). Subject to registration on the first day of the promotion, it will expire on December 29. Also, add delivery time. It may be earlier, but it's not exactly…

    But will you do something earlier?

    Here's a tip - if you're critical to getting some of your products before - don't put them in one basket. Yes, you will have to pay for individual deliveries, but in this case, you can receive part of the order earlier than 23 working days. Hint - photo books and instabuses take the longest, and photo books and instabuses with leather or fabric covers take even longer. But Polaroids, ordinary photos, calendars are printed quite quickly and albums for kids we have in general are ready in stock. Divide orders into different baskets, do not ask them to combine and always keep photo books separately)

    Payment that failed during the promotion is not a cause for concern.

    If you failed to make a payment when making a payment on the site - don't worry, go to your account when the promotion is over (such as Monday) and click "Pay" next to your orders. Promotional conditions will be saved (as well as your nerves).

    Where is my photobook / photos / canvas, why so long?

    Track the status of your order in the personal account or through the "What about my order?" feature on main page of the site. The high frequency of calls and inquiries to the support service in no way speeds up the time of making your order.

    Becoming a popular and reputable blogger is the easiest way to report our promotion :)

    There is no easier way to receive sincere gratitude from friends and prove yourself as a person who "does not advise bad" than to inform our surroundings about our Black Friday. Firstly, because she is always honest with us, and secondly, we make really cool photo souvenirs and gifts that everyone needs. So every time you tell your friends and acquaintances about our promotion, you make someone happy and add a fat plus to your karma.

    And for advertising our Black Friday and its honest, for 7 years, discounts you can get gifts. Terms of the promotion will soon be in Instagram .

    Free shipping

    26 August 2021

    Together with Ukrposhta we have organized for you free delivery of orders from

    The promotion is valid for all orders from UAH 100. And it will be active until the end of 2021.

    We also remind you that all orders delivered by Ukrposhta are stored at the branch for 7 days, and then automatically returned to the sender. Therefore, we ask you to be careful and pick up your orders on time.

    09 June 2021

    26 May 2021

    25 May 2021

    07 May 2021

    27 April 2021

    15 April 2021

    29 March 2021

    20 January 2021

    24 December 2020

    24 December 2020

    20 November 2020

    02 March 2020

    12 November 2019

    05 November 2019

    06 September 2019

    01 May 2019

    Monthly discounts on classic photoprinting

    06 February 2019

    15% знижка на усі формати класичного фотодруку до 23:59, 28 лютого.

    Знижка розповсюджується на усі формати від 10х15 до 30х60, на матові і глянцеві фото, з білою рамкою довкола фото та без неї.

    23 January 2019

    26 December 2018

    07 December 2018

    19 November 2018

    21 September 2018

    04 May 2018

    03 May 2018

    03 May 2018

    03 May 2018

    03 May 2018

    02 May 2018

    02 May 2018

    01 May 2018

    01 May 2018

    01 May 2018

    01 May 2018

    12 April 2018

    05 April 2018

    02 April 2018

    28 March 2018

    Polaroid or classic photo printing? What to choose?

    26 March 2018

    23 March 2018

    15 March 2018

    02 March 2018

    28 February 2018

    27 February 2018

    15 January 2018

    07 September 2017

    Photobook 15% off

    28 July 2017

    This Friday is just created for a good mood!

    Do you have something wrong with him? Hmmm ... But how about getting a discount on instabooks? Enter our promotional code and get a book with your favorite photos by 15% cheaper!

    Hurry to place an order!

    The promocode is valid until 23:59 on July 29th

    15% discount on promotional codes for promotion code: book5


    25 July 2017

    17 July 2017

    All prints 15% OFF

    12 July 2017

    Congratulations on the Day of the Photographer! We, of course, could not ignore this important holiday, and, by tradition ... Give a 15% discount to everything! And on instabus, and on photo cards, and on cool pictures and much more! Simply enter our promotional code when ordering. Inspiration for you and a good photo!

    The promotional code is valid until 23:59 on July 13

    15% discount on all promo codes: photoday


    20% off for calendars

    07 July 2017

    15% discount for all prints

    29 June 2017

    С Днем Конституции Украины

    Photo magnets are 20% cheaper! Promotional code inside

    12 June 2017

    Get your Gift to Friends Day! 20% discount on polaroid

    09 June 2017

    Gift to Children's Day! Open and take it!

    01 June 2017

    How to order a cheap photocrystal?

    29 May 2017

    Take your discount for instabook!

    26 May 2017

    Catch a discount on photo polaroid! Open to find out the promotional code!

    23 May 2017

    Your photos on acrylics - 20% cheaper!

    18 May 2017

    Festive 20% discount at Mother's Day

    14 May 2017

    Your secret discount on photocalendar

    12 May 2017

    Get the promocode for 20% off on photo on canvas!

    09 May 2017

    27 April 2017

    Easter discount 20% |

    18 April 2017

    New! Classic photo printing |

    18 April 2017

    We are 3 years old! Catch a holiday discount of 30%!

    05 April 2017

    25% discount on all photo panels |

    30 March 2017

    25% discount on printing calendars

    21 March 2017

    20% discount on wall-mounted photoacryl!

    16 March 2017

    March 8! 20% DISCOUNT FOR ALL

    09 March 2017

    Poster with your best photos - 30% cheaper!

    09 March 2017

    50% discount on the Photocrystal for ALL MARCH

    03 March 2017

    Get ready for March 8! |

    03 March 2017

    Photopanels - 15% off

    22 February 2017

    15% off for Photopanels

    Spring is coming - it's time to upgrade. It's time to update your interior to, We have a great idea for you!

    Lightweight, stylish, colorful photopanels, printed not from some abstract picture, but from your favorite photos!

    With our promo code for a discount - 25% cheaper. And in a set of 4 pieces - even more profitable.

    The promotional code is valid until 23:59 on February 22

    25% discount for printing photopanels with promotional code: panel4

    Buy HERE

    20% discount on all in honor of Valentine's Day!

    15 February 2017

    Hapy Valentine's Day

    Today definitely need to spend with those you love! Therefore, we will not bore you with a long conversation, and immediately move on to the gifts.

    Valentine's Day 20% discount on all orders! Just do not forget to enter our promotional code.

    The promocode valid until 23:59 on February 15  

    20% discount for all prints with code: val20

    Buy HERE

    New templates for photobook

    07 February 2017

    New templates

    We have great news! We listened to your needs, and decided that can not not do something. And we decided to start with the renovation of the beloved photobooks!

    25% off for all your orders

    02 February 2017

    25% OFF

    Just wanted you to remind about something;) Valentine's Day is already very, very close! So close, that it is time to take care of little presents for the dear people for you.

    NEW! Photocrystal 50% OFF

    27 January 2017

    50% OFF

    We have something special for you! Something that would be the perfect gift for Valentine's Day. Bright, spectacular, really "magical" photocrystal. What is photocrystal?

    It's your favorite picture, covered with very thick (much as 2 centimeters), strong and shiny acrylic. So thick and transparent, that the image beneath it becomes deep and voluminous. And if you look at it from an angle, you will see how it mysteriously forks!

    And yet, photocrystal
     not require any add-ons - to himself and frame and stand. Yes, and in the two universal formats! And, of course, we could not do without an additional surprise!

    This weekend you can get photocrystal half price! So hurry up to order - because the weekend will fly by very fast!

    The promocode is valid until 23:59 on January 29th

    50% discount on photocrystal promotional code for: crystal

    You can order HERE

    25 January 2017

    18 January 2017

    04 January 2017

    22 December 2016

    New Year Discounts! -25% for everything!

    19 December 2016

    25% discount on all products. |

    07 December 2016

    25 November 2016

    17 November 2016

    14 November 2016

    Photobook with 15% off

    10 November 2016

    Instabook with 15% off

    Catch a discount for photobook! With photo cover or leatherette, on page 24, or by as much as 80!

    02 November 2016

    31 October 2016

    25 October 2016

    Photopane with a discoun

    Have you noticed that we have not had discounts on photopanels? We would like to fix it!

    Bright, light and convenient fastening - graphic panels made of PVC with a favorite photo! And you will get it with a discount of as much as 20% when ordering with our promotional code.

    Recall that in a set of 4 pieces of the panels will cost even cheaper!

    The promotional code is valid until 23:59 on 26 October.

    20% discount on the graphic panels for promotional code: panel5

    Read more about printing on acrylic

    20 October 2016

    Acrylic photoprint

    For long we made books form our photo shoots, it gives the photos a chance to live in a new way. We love photo books. Now we have come to realize that the book, yes it is beautiful, but it still stays on the shelf. Of course, you show it friends and guests, but it is no more than " on holidays" things. A finished picture is a great art, and it should live non-stop and constantly bring joy. Printing photos is a wonderful hobby, but you need to come up with a " form of introduction" : frames, albums, and again go on the shelf. Printing on acrylic solves all problems with frames and albums.

    20% discount on vinyl photomagnets

    19 October 2016

    14 October 2016

    11 October 2016

    Get 15% discount on Calendar

    06 October 2016

    Discount on Calendar

    This fall establish a useful habit - mark on the calendar days that were particularly happy. And after a while you will see how much good has happened to you :)

    Get 15% discount on Photobooks

    03 October 2016

    discount on Photobooks

    Monday is a difficult day. Its not easy to return to work after the weekend. We will try to make it better?

    Get 15% discount on Photocards

    30 September 2016

    Print polaroids cheaper

    We will open you a little secret. If you want the happiest moments you life to bring you joy as long as possible, its not enough to just take a picture. These photos must be printed!

    Give a discount of 15% on photo-acrylic

    27 September 2016

    22 September 2016

    20% discount for photomagnets

    20 September 2016

    15 September 2016

    13 September 2016

    Discount on all products 15%

    25 August 2016

    Discount on magnets 20%

    16 August 2016

    discount on magnets

    Who wants a discount on magnets with your favorite photos?

    11 August 2016

    On whom to subscribe on Instagram

    Recently Instagram became a great social network, where many talented photographers, artists and other creative people can find fans of their work. Moreover, many people use instagram, as a source of inspiration to find new ideas and fresh perspectives.
    We offer you a selection of wonderful users, whose work may surprise you, or encourage to create something beautiful.

    Discount 10% of acrylic photo

    10 August 2016

    Photoacryl 10% off

    Order fotoakryl with 10% off!

    Posters with 20% off

    05 August 2016

    discount on photos

    Surely , you have accumulated a million summer pictures, and you're just a broken head , wondering which of them would be interesting to create .

    20% discount on photo from Instagram

    26 July 2016

    Discount for photos

    Get a discount for your favorite summer photo printing ?


    11 July 2016

    Mobile photos allow active people to have time to see the world in which they live. We have so much going on in a day, week, month, that to keep an eye on the pulse of life is almost impossible. The desire to make beautiful and interesting photos increase motivation to go to beautiful places, looking for something new and exciting and live, live, live! And take more pictures!