11 July 2016



Mobile photos allow active people to have time to see the world in which they live. We have so much going on in a day, week, month, that to keep an eye on the pulse of life is almost impossible. The desire to make beautiful and interesting photos increase motivation to go to beautiful places, looking for something new and exciting and live, live, live! And take more pictures!

An important point - the accents. What picture is the most important? What will have to mean in a month, a year? What will be of value for a lifetime? Be honest, you will not sort through hundreds of photos for no reason. Only when there is a need. Printing photos is such a need.

I would like to talk about not just printing, it's cute, it's nice, but boring. Just photos, you look at them, you fill good and you hide them in a box. Show your friends, family and that’s all, life of those pictures coming to an end. Modern technologies give us possibility to revive photos and placed them in our world.

Making magnets with my mobile photos is one of my favorite pastimes. I can’t say that I love magnets on the refrigerator, on the contrary. But there is one important point - if the pictures are of you, your dog, your child and there all with a smile and joy on the face that changes everything! I like a refrigerator that lives a life of joyful photos!

There is a nice bonus for mothers - children's interest in magnets. We printed magnets with baby’s photos, a photo with his godmother, whom he rarely sees, funny pics from a walk and other baby’s moments of life. When he eats - we are talking about the pictures on magnets. He knows and remembers them all, there is a topic for discussion and nice toys that can be resticked without harm. Our refrigerator is no longer just a household item, it is a dynamic and flexible part of the creative process and a small illustration of our life in pictures.

It is possible to highlight stories and create comics from photo magnets, and most importantly - these stories are made with your own photos!