14 March 2022

30% discount until the end of March 2022


Hello, our dear friends!

We have already fully resumed our work. The order is available all products with all possible modifications.

And we want to give you a discount on all our products:

-30% on everything , without a promo code, prices on the site are already listed

● the promotion is valid from today and until March 31 inclusive (so far, because we can not plan for the longer term, you know)

● terms of production of all products 7 working days

● delivery works properly both in Ukraine and abroad, self-pickup in Lviv from 10 am to 3 pm on weekdays

You may think that photo books, Polaroids or magnets are out of date. But we have 3 main incentives to work:

1) at least we want to continue to pay salaries to our employees so that no one is left without a livelihood during this difficult time

2) we want to continue to pay taxes to support the economy and the state

3) We donate 5% of each order to the Return Alive Army Support Fund

And another incentive is your feedback! We are happy that our products help you and your children to be distracted, immersed in pleasant memories, have fun with "live photos". May it all give you the strength to believe in our victory and make plans for the future!

Glory to Ukraine!