20 October 2016

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Acrylic photoprint

For long we made books form our photo shoots, it gives the photos a chance to live in a new way. We love photo books. Now we have come to realize that the book, yes it is beautiful, but it still stays on the shelf. Of course, you show it friends and guests, but it is no more than " on holidays" things. A finished picture is a great art, and it should live non-stop and constantly bring joy. Printing photos is a wonderful hobby, but you need to come up with a " form of introduction" : frames, albums, and again go on the shelf. Printing on acrylic solves all problems with frames and albums.


Remember the sadness of printing glossy pictures: prettier, brighter, but they leave fingerprints and we have always chosen "matt" so not to spoil it. This problem is also solved by plastic. It gives a bright and beautiful color and is not spoiled by the touch, prints are easy to clean. As a consumer (not as a photographer who photographs hundreds of thousands of sorts) I can say with confidence that I will not choose best shots from the shooting. One or two of the avatars, maybe send something to brag about, nothing more.

Photo shoot is lost without best photos. Print results in the need to sit down, browse through and select the best shots. For her, it is easy to pick out the most important and beautiful and surround herself with those shots in everyday life. In addition, in the flow of frames on your phone or digital camera, you can organize events by printing the main points. For example, 2-3 shots from each trip on the summer vacation. Get a collection of the best moments so you can see that life is quite joyful and interesting and you simply did not have time to pay attention to it.