27 January 2017

NEW! Photocrystal 50% OFF


50% OFF

We have something special for you! Something that would be the perfect gift for Valentine's Day. Bright, spectacular, really "magical" photocrystal. What is photocrystal?

It's your favorite picture, covered with very thick (much as 2 centimeters), strong and shiny acrylic. So thick and transparent, that the image beneath it becomes deep and voluminous. And if you look at it from an angle, you will see how it mysteriously forks!

And yet, photocrystal
 not require any add-ons - to himself and frame and stand. Yes, and in the two universal formats! And, of course, we could not do without an additional surprise!

This weekend you can get photocrystal half price! So hurry up to order - because the weekend will fly by very fast!

The promocode is valid until 23:59 on January 29th

50% discount on photocrystal promotional code for: crystal

You can order HERE