12 November 2021

Black Friday on the Gramophone 2021


Terms and conditions of the action "Black Friday 2021"

1. Date 00:01 26.11.2021 - 23:59 28.11.2021.

2. The discount is announced on 26.11.2020 at 00:01 on the website and in our social networks.

3. List of promotional products: Photobook , Instagram , Фотодрук , Полароїди , Магнети , Горнятко , Calendar , Canvas , Acrylic painting < / a>, Фотоакрил , Фотокристал , Фотоальбом < a href = "https://gramofon.ua/girl_template"> "Hello baby" , "Hello baby" . < / p>

4. The terms of the promotion do not apply to gift certificates and the service "Live photos" .

5. Services "Urgent production" , "Free delivery" by Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta during the promotion do not work .

6. Orders placed after 24:00 on 28.11.2021 will not be listed at the promotional price (even if you are "a minute late" or "your site is hanging").

7. The deadline for making promotional orders will be 23 business days from the end of the promotion, so the deadline may be December 29, 2021. This does not preclude earlier production, but we advise you to be patient and count on the maximum period.

8. You can track the status of the order in the personal account or through the function "What about my order?" on the main page of the site . The frequency of calls and requests to support will not speed up their production in any way.

9. Products placed in one order (basket) are automatically combined to be sent at the same time to save your money on delivery, but keep in mind that different products have different production times, so photos or magnets will "wait" for the production of your photobook.

10. If you have several orders (possibly made on different days of the promotion) and one of them already has at least one manufactured product (this can happen because we will work on the weekends) - you can not combine them. Accordingly, they will be sent separately according to your orders. Yes, you pay twice for shipping.

11. The minimum sets will be increased during the promotion.

Photo printing

  • 10x15 - 96 pcs
  • 15x21 - 24 pcs
  • 20x30 - 12 pcs
  • 30x40 - 4 pcs
  • 30x60 - 4 pcs
  • Polaroids

  • 9x9 - 96 pcs
  • 9x11 - 96 pcs
  • Magnets

  • 5x5 - 30 pcs
  • 7x9 - 30 pcs
  • 9x9 - 30 pcs
  • 12. Delivery is carried out exclusively by carriers Nova Poshta and Ukrposhta .

    14. You can get your order at the self-pickup point in Lviv at 59 Chornovil Avenue .

    14. During the campaign, support will work on an extended schedule:

  • Friday 26 November 9:00 - 23:00
  • Saturday 27 November 9:00 - 19:00
  • Sunday 28 November 9:00 - 23:00

    Do everything before the promotion - avoid stress during the promotion

    Prepare an order in advance and form a "Cart", but do not make a delivery, and wait for the official start of the campaign. It is important - it is the Cart, not the Draft, because with the start of the campaign, due to heavy loads, there may be delays and interruptions in the system. The formed basket will allow you to avoid these annoyances. Prices in pre-designed baskets will change automatically with the start of the promotion. You just need to refresh the browser page.

    Fewer files = more orders

    Select and pre-sort the photos you plan to print or use in the photobook. Uploading all photos from a photo shoot or phone to the site, planning to sort them in the process of layout of the book - a very bad idea, because the download time of a large volume of files during the promotional load significantly increases and can take hours.

    The best way to "fly" with a promotion is to remember it two hours before it ends.

    Don't postpone orders for the last hours of the promotion. In the last hours there will be a "legion" and not everyone will come to the finish :) Just believe me, we are champions of Black Fridays and despite the annual increase in technical capacity of the site, it does not save the situation when five minutes before the end, tens of thousands of "latecomers" are trying to create a photo book or upload photos, and the message "your site is visiting, deception and timid action" we have immunity formed by seven doses of Black Friday :)

    Gramophone employs living people and sometimes, "something can go wrong", but we fix everything

    Due to the large number of orders, please understand the possible errors in their production or shipping. Therefore, if suddenly someone else's magnets come to you, or orders come in two different parcels - do not scold us too much, and before your fingers reach out to fill an outrageous story about a bad turntable, just let us know about this annoyance and we will fix everything as soon as possible. We are always able to solve an operational problem through our fault.

    Are you preparing gifts for Nicholas? Think of a backup plan

    The stated deadline for making promotional orders is 23 working days (not calendar days). Subject to registration on the first day of the promotion, it will expire on December 29. Also, add delivery time. It may be earlier, but it's not exactly…

    But will you do something earlier?

    Here's a tip - if you're critical to getting some of your products before - don't put them in one basket. Yes, you will have to pay for individual deliveries, but in this case, you can receive part of the order earlier than 23 working days. Hint - photo books and instabuses take the longest, and photo books and instabuses with leather or fabric covers take even longer. But Polaroids, ordinary photos, calendars are printed quite quickly and albums for kids we have in general are ready in stock. Divide orders into different baskets, do not ask them to combine and always keep photo books separately)

    Payment that failed during the promotion is not a cause for concern.

    If you failed to make a payment when making a payment on the site - don't worry, go to your account when the promotion is over (such as Monday) and click "Pay" next to your orders. Promotional conditions will be saved (as well as your nerves).

    Where is my photobook / photos / canvas, why so long?

    Track the status of your order in the personal account or through the "What about my order?" feature on main page of the site. The high frequency of calls and inquiries to the support service in no way speeds up the time of making your order.

    Becoming a popular and reputable blogger is the easiest way to report our promotion :)

    There is no easier way to receive sincere gratitude from friends and prove yourself as a person who "does not advise bad" than to inform our surroundings about our Black Friday. Firstly, because she is always honest with us, and secondly, we make really cool photo souvenirs and gifts that everyone needs. So every time you tell your friends and acquaintances about our promotion, you make someone happy and add a fat plus to your karma.

    And for advertising our Black Friday and its honest, for 7 years, discounts you can get gifts. Terms of the promotion will soon be in Instagram .